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Essay on bad study habits

essay on bad study habits

will write a custom essay sample. According to the theories of study habits, there are broadly two types of students; the first category is of the students who study for a shorter duration, have good concentration and are able to get good grades without much effort. So, as Matt walked into his Psychology class he had just enrolled in for the second semester, he believed that this class was going to be like all the others. Statement of the Problem 1) Since study habits are pertaining to the methods that aid learning, how can these affect the students? Linear notes occur when a student tries to write every word a lecturer says in sequence, like writing a rambling essay with no paragraphs.

essay on bad study habits

You should prepare for your exams by creating a fill-in-the-blank test from your notes. You have to revisit the information and put it all into a chart or shrinking outline. Identification of these factors may lead towards remedial measures. This story proves that this technique is not a way of studying; it is a way to fail. A couple minutes into class, the teacher handed out the test and stated that whenever someone is finished, they could it hand it in and leave. The second category includes the students who have poor concentration. You must revisit your linear notes and make relationships from one section to another.

6.3 They became upset and disappointed. So, with my ungodly study habits, I decided to neglect the worksheets since they were only worth fifteen points. Stumpf also handed each student a three-page packet of worksheets to help us with the chapter we were studying. Most of the student population is not a substantial threat to the poor use of studying. Scope and Limitations, the scope of this research is the grade 7 pupils in the high school department of University of Perpetual Help System Dalta, Las Pias City campus. By this, they will be aware about the study skills and how to improve in learning new knowledgeable things. Opportunities include future education at a college, a chance to gain important knowledge, or even an opportunity to receive a high-paying job. 3.1 Relax.2 Wait for 3 days before starting.3 Panic.4 Start reviewing/ working.5 Polish the finished project. What is the reason why you procrastinate? I knew that all the information on the test would cover in the reading, not at the end of the chapter. For one entire week, I put in fifty-eight and a half hours of work to cover all my damages and labor costs. 1.1 Yes.2.

essay on bad study habits

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