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Consequences of climate change essay

consequences of climate change essay

. It makes up 5 percent.S. Many terrestrial, freshwater and marine species have already moved to new locations. The number of large wildfires and the length of the wildfire season have been increasing in recent decades. Other substances only produce short-term effects. Say you were going to visit Southern California for a few days in April. Climate change affects all regions around the world. Extreme weather, shifting rainfall, heavy rain and other extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. It stays in the atmosphere for a very long time. However, its long-term state and average temperature are regulated by the balance between incoming and outgoing energy, which determines the Earth's energy balance.

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Impacts of climate change include: Heat waves. Up until about 150 years ago, human activity did not produce many greenhouse gases. That is, the warming we have experienced to date would have been even larger had it not been for elevated levels of sulphate aerosols in the atmosphere. We can help you understand how and why our climate is changing, how climate change affects us, and what people can do to slow climate change and prepare for. Between 19 floods affected more than.5 million people and caused direct economic losses of more than 90 billion. We are already seeing changes in the distribution of some water-borne illnesses and disease vectors. What is climate change? This includes methane and tropospheric ozone both greenhouse gases and black carbon, a small solid particle formed from the incomplete combustion of carbon-based fuels (coal, oil and wood for example). The three most common types of greenhouse gases are: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) : Carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, and coal solid waste, trees and wood products, and as a result of other chemical reactions such as making. Greenhouse gases alone could make the earth warmer than ever before in human history. Climate refers to the long-term average (and other statistics) of weather measured over long periods of time (at least several decades). Northern Europe is getting significantly wetter, and winter floods could become common.

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