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Importance of media in democracy essay

importance of media in democracy essay

media has again come in focus in its role in Arushi Murder case. Media should take utmost care in airing or publishing such sensational news. Criminal contempt has further been divided into three types: # Scandalizing # Prejudicing trial, and # Hindering the administration of justice. T.V news channels excessive coverage during elections helps people, especially illiterates, in electing the right person to the power. Various forms of media are print, radio, television and internet. Two other consequences of the change need to be noted: Media platforms and devices for consumption today vary between traditional, non-conventional, and the experimental. Rare is the juror who annie dillard thesis would not be intimidated by an admonishment from the court or who does not think of himself or herself as a fair and unbiased person. We get connected to the world with just a click of a mouse. In a democratic set up there has to be active participation of people in all affairs of their community and the state.

Thanks to technology that has brought a kind of revolution in journalism. Media just sensationalized the case for few days and leave it as they find other masala" news irrecpective of how much importance earlier news was. These larger companies tend to have household names, and allegations against them can make good copy" - even if the allegations are seemingly spurious, commonplace or unproven. The media also exposes loopholes in the democratic system, which ultimately helps government in filling the vacuums of loopholes and making a system more accountable, responsive and citizen-friendly. Speeches or writings misrepresenting the proceedings of the Court or prejudicing the public for or against a party or involving reflections on parties to a proceeding amount to contempt. The role of media was debated in the Priyadarshini Mattoo case, Jessica Lal Murder Case and likewise many other high profile cases.