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Sina valadkhan thesis

sina valadkhan thesis

assistant professor, University of Kentucky. For more information please contact Prof. We hold bi-weekly group meetings to discuss current research problems and to share topics of general interest. . D.) Senior Research Scientist, United Technologies Research Center. Sep 2014, chen Tang, sep 2014, reza Zarringhalam. We also participate in the.

Natalie Baddour, associate professor, University of Ottawa. Sep 2016, halit Zengin, sep 2015, ronghuai. May 2017, shamim Mashrouteh, sep 2017, gary Zhang. Jan 2012, name, position/location, starting date, visiting professors, postdoctoral fellows, and research associates. Sep 2018, neel Bhatt, sep 2018, shucheng Huang. Yang Zhao, post-doctoral Fellow June 2018 Jayantibhai Vadher Research Engineer May 2018 Hamed Jamshidianfar Post-doctoral Fellow May 2018 Iman Fadakar Post-doctoral Fellow Feb 2018 Rhyse Maryniuk Research Engineer Jan 2018 Junjie Pan Visiting PhD, Hunan University Sep 2017 Ehsan Hashemi Post-doctoral Fellow May 2017 Yechen Qin. Sep 2017, adam Sanderson, jan 2017, phD students. Roger Chau (th academic consultant, Alpha Academy, Hong Kong. D.) associate professor, Kettering University. D.) (medal for best thesis in Faculty of Engineering), research engineer, Corning Ltd. Sajjad Edalatzadeh, matthias de Jong, fabian Germ, jeffrey Samuelson.

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