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Essays macbeth vs hamlet

essays macbeth vs hamlet

by the way he handles his fathers death and by the way he handles his emotions). We will write a custom essay sample. Hamlet is a generally likeable character and dies a heroic death having finally fulfilled the promise to his fathers ghost. Thesis: Shakespeare used the same definition of tragedy when he wrote Macbeth, and when he wrote Hamlet; Shakespearean tragedies use supernatural incidents to intrigue the readers interest, and his plays consist an inspector calls essays of a hero that has a tragic flaw (sometimes the want for the supernatural). In both instances the characters gave into the nagging supernatural beliefs, and hence they lost their lives. Macbeth on the other hand is the one who has done the wrongdoing and is trying to remain in power as king while McDuff is trying to put it right.

Both Macbeth and Hamlet fight and ultimately are killed, but only one is honorable Hamlet. For Macbeth it is his transformation into a tyrant that fuels his story.

Shakespeare enables the same technique when introducing Hamlet. The ghost of Hamlets father presented itself to Hamlet with a chilling story. Neither of them are able to survive at the end of the play. Macbeth was praised as king music is food for the soul essay and in his youth there was thought no one better. As Macbeth progresses toward the end, Macbeth himself becomes a despicable character. Macbeth has one moment were his demeanor does change. However, Hamlet is acting the part to deceive Claudius, while Macbeth has truly gone mad in his lust for power. He is presented to be brutal but full of honor. Macbeth also has his doubts because when the witches tell him that he will be named Thane of Cawder, Macbeth himself had not known, but many people had. However, the climax of their chronicle almost identical and leads them to their death. Shakespeare uses Hamlet to represent fearful emotions.

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