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Critical essays on stephen king

critical essays on stephen king

scandalous past, and he becomes obsessed with the history of the hotel. Over the next few months, in our damp and cobwebby basement, I raced through this library of slim, yellowing paperbacks from the fifties, sixties, and seventies, half of them with sexy space girls on their covers. From the other side of the genre divide, I posed the question to the prolific horror writer Peter Straub. The evil spirit, however, has decided it wants Danny, and it begins to work through his father. While this may be a simple message, King shows that translating it into action is supremely difficult.

Into her life comes Paul Sheldon, a writer of historical romances. A frightening battle of wits ensues as Sheldon desperately seeks a way of escape while working on the new novel, Miserys Return. Redman, Underwood, and the others who work for the Free Zone are certainly not saints, and their faith is often weak, yet they remain the representatives of what King sees as good. King is an expert teller of these sorts of slightly scary tales that resonate across time. She indicates to Sheldon that Miserys Return must be finished very soon.

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