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Essay on muslim unity

essay on muslim unity

result of denominational bias. Misinterpretation of the truth was obvious in every aspect of the lives of people. Mabath is the greatest historical event in the sense that it gave rise to an extremely sensitive stage in the history of mankind and it has also opened up a path in front of humanity, a path that will lead to the fulfillment of all. They seek to dominate.

Islamic unity: The Main Responsibility of Muslims Lessons from the

essay on muslim unity

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And for them all there is no greater display of Muslim unity than the Hajj. The regions that are inhabited by this massive population are among the most sensitive and important regions in the world in terms of geographical location, natural features and vital resources. In other words, democracy made living with disagreement possible. He will in the end, tell them the truth of all that they did Quran 6-159. That is our Prophet's outwardly appearance. Government officials and heads of Islamic countries must be vigilant. As all brothers know, however, brotherhood is rarely if ever about equality. Justice was also the goal of all divine prophets. It is suffering from injustice and discrimination. But since Islam lacks an institutional basis comparable to the Vatican, the results are even less coherent. The channels and institutions of disagreement in India and other democracies might not always prevent violence. Intellectual education - that is, extracting man's reason and making it dominant over his thoughts and actions, or giving man the beacon of wisdom and enabling him to find his way by its light - is of primary importance.

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