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Catcher rye phony essay

catcher rye phony essay

pass the time. The main way Holden wants to be a protector is to keep children from growing up and becoming phony and corrupt as he feels most adults become. He seems to believe that he does not have any innocence during his journey, but the thing is he is still much like a child he is in some small ways. Holden has a hate for the World that he would associate to this phrase. One of those stories with a lot of phony, lean-jawed guys named David in it, and a lot phony girls named Linda or Marcia that are always lighting all the god-damn Davids' pipes for them 53). Spencer and the idea that when someone becomes that age they get a second chance to have the same fun that a child would have. When Holden first arrives at the Penn Station, he desperately wanted to talk to someone. This makes him feel more accomplished without him actually having to strive to be successful.

Now with all of this information,.D. When they settle in and Luce gets a dry martini, Holden starts bombarding Luce with all kind of personal sex questions. They're grand people." "Yes, they are. Now, Holden wants to even try and erase his mind of the thoughts of the people he cannot trust. This results in his Protection of Innocence upbringing. She ends up warming up to him in their late phone call. Thats all Id do all day. Holden has said to himself "If I'm on a train at night, I can usually even read one of those dumb magazines without puking. He wants to make a date with her, but she theme of great expectations essay can only do so the next day.