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Chivalry thesis pollak

chivalry thesis pollak

their crimes, such as poisoning and infanticide, are less easily uncovered (item A) leading to women being underrepresented in criminal statistics. This gives girls an adult role model but boys reject feminine models of behaviour that express tenderness, gentleness and emotion. Boys distance themselves by engaging in compensatory compulsory masculinity- risk taking, aggression and anti social behaviour (leading to delinquency) Men have much less of a socialising role than women in conventional nuclear family, socialisation can be more difficult for boys than girls Cohen- the absence. Control at home- Womens domestic roles imposes restrictions on their time and movement confining them to the house for long periods of time reducing opportunities to offend.

Quick Check Questions Page 108Exam Question: Assess the value of chivalrythesis in understanding gender differences incrime. Are their any similarities or differences? Males more likely to be convicted of violence or sexual offences Males more likely to be repeat offenders, to have longer criminal careers and commit more serious crimes (15 x more likely to be convicted of homicide). The difference lies in the type of crime- M/C males commit white collar and corporate crime to accomplish hegemonic masculinity, poorer groups may use street robbery to achieve a subordinated masculinity. Over half had spent time in care (breaking family bonds) They had gained nothing from either deal and so felt they had nothing to lose by using crime to escape from poverty. Successfully reported this slideshow.

Level 12 - A2 Sociology- Crime and Dev

chivalry thesis pollak