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Essays peace religion

essays peace religion

conflict parties. Mencken, " Treatise on the Gods, " Alfred. The Buddha taught that this achievement is within the reach of every human being, and he spent his life teaching a practical methodology which, if followed with purity of mind and great diligence, would enable others to reach the same objective. In contrast, modernity brought the invention of religion as a set of privately held doctrines or beliefs. Ryan has emphasized the need to change negative conflict attitudes in society; particularly, he focuses on the grassroots level. In addition to connection to philosophical and cultural context, religious peacebuilding benefits from a connection to personal, communal, and institutional networks. While this necessarily involves training in contemporary conflict resolution techniques and approaches, religious actors can also draw upon their identities as participants in a social and spiritual tradition. Communicating using religious texts and traditions can make it easier to introduce or strengthen concepts of peace. Religious peacebuilding can be compatible with or the same as indigenous peacebuilding. While both Lederach and Boutros-Ghali acknowledge the breadth of the concept, they each present a narrow description of practice that focuses on their respective spheres of influence. According to Appleby, World Vision devotes resources and programs to the topic of evangelism and leadership and trains Protestant church members to work in relief operations.

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Grounded in a deep comprehension of their complex tradition, these peacebuilders may consequently have confidence to interact inclusively with the other, even to discover common moral paths. The roots of this tendency can be traced to the development of the modern western understanding of religion, which is markedly different from pre-modern and some non-Western understandings. The Need for Reappraisal: Religion and Conflict Resolution. For example, Muslim and Christian leaders of the Inter-Religious Council of Sierra Leone brokered negotiations between the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council and the ousted president Ahmed Tajan Kabbah and then played a key mediating role in the summer 1999 peace negotiations. Given this scope, it seems logical that peacebuilding will be defined in subtly, if not largely, different ways by its different actors. Wikipedia once defined religion as: ". The tendency to invest legitimacy in religious actors is often exhibited not only by those within a specific tradition, but also by the larger community, especially when leaders are charismatic and institutions are competent. Here, site Updates 10/13, new page added to help visitors find mandrams or people interested in Om Sakthi. In Lewis words, The Islamic world is now at the beginning of the 15th century and on the verge of its Reformation. Massaro notes that the official leadership of many American denominationsincluding President Bushs own United Methodist Churchvocalized opposition. In new terms of terror, religion has been a factor in events ranging from the bombing of abortion clinics in the early 1990s to the attacks of September 11, 2001. For what it is worth, " Hey Monkeybrain " conducted a poll of its visitors on whether Buddhism is a religion or a philosophy or both.