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Essay on loadshedding of electricity in karachi

essay on loadshedding of electricity in karachi

peace, but also results in massive financial losses in regard of electronic appliances. They encourage their large customers to cut back on peak demand during those "highest peak demand periods" by charging them more if they exceed a certain peak demand. Group profile We, the group members of the report on Effects Of Load Shedding on Industries are currently doing Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from biztek. Load shedding was implemented to save money. Current issues lahore, April 15, 2010 (Frontier Star Chambers of Commerce Industry in Punjab and Trade, Industrial Associations of Lahore have warned that they would be forced to handover the keys of their premises if the electricity and gas load shedding are not immediately stopped. If there are problems, they are the ones to resolve them, if they cant do it, they have no right to remain in power. It is pertinent to mention here that replica articles have also captured the markets due to its low price, although there was a serious concern about their quality. The appliances are usually electric water heaters. Other possible solution is the nuclear energywhich can be produced by Pakistan. The situation can be managed to an extent by the co operation of the consumers to flatten the load curve.

The more electricity is made available the more the income for the country as a whole can become. Wind forms and solar energy power plants have got huge potential in this country which can bring in lots of low cast energy, also if more dams are planned, we can get much more hydro power. Nowadays, the summer is at its peak, and without electricity everybody is fadeup.

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Load shedding generally takes place in South Africa. Pakistan can not make progress in any field in the presence of women were limited essay load shedding. This is a perfect example of load shedding. Thisissue can be overcome in shortest possible time be setting up damson run of the river. Electricity load-shedding is one of the biggest issues in Pakistan including poverty and unemployment. These factors include shortage in river waters, over population, new connections, electric supply to villages, low generation of electricity, fewer dams, power theft, line losses etc. People of advanced countries cannot imagine to live in such circumstances for a single day. He told that senior officers are getting 7,000 units and more free electricity per month. We have a team of very intelligent scientists engaged in developing and promoting such products. Such damage would be extremely expensive to repair and would take a lot of time.

essay on loadshedding of electricity in karachi

In short the government is not doing the right precautions and means to supply the electricity to every individual in Pakistan. The load shedding : Problems and Solutions One of the most important problems faced by people of Pakistan is outage of electricity. Pakistan cannot make progress in any field in the presence of loadshedding. Therefore, the government should take all possible measures to end loashedding from.

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