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Thesis statement on compassion

thesis statement on compassion

them. According to Psychology Today, the Lack of empathy is one of the most striking features federalist essays summaries of people with narcissistic personality disorder. Compassion fatigue is a serious condition which needs to be addressed in order to care for these professionals and also reduce turnover rate in service careers which lead to improved patient care.

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thesis statement on compassion

Having to encounter negativity at all times can be damaging to the morale of a unit and can lead to increased rates of compassion fatigue. While the nurse can work on her individual stress levels, the workplace needs to be able to adapt to reduce stress brought on by the work environment. We too often believe our way of life is superior. Test whether your subject is significant, single, specific, and supportable. Im mindful to the suffering in my city. A study of job stress, stress coping strategies, and job satisfaction for nurses working in middle-level hospital operating rooms.

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thesis statement on compassion

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