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Computer based training research paper

computer based training research paper

with CB so one student or one hundred students can train and he cost will be the same. Each screen should have text pertaining to one main idea. As mentioned before, CBT involves more than just the computer. Amoroso and Antonina Durfee, journalProceedings of the 39th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (hicss'06 year2006, volume8, pages207b-207b, Published 2006 in, proceedings of the 39th Annual Hawaii. The case study method emphasizes an approach to see a particular problem rather than a solution. Finally, feedback is a very important process when developing a CBT program. As mentioned before, text, animation, video and audio are all included in the CBT, therefore, they are included in the screen design (Blankenhorn, 1999). Once the screen designs are set up, the multimedia program is chosen, and user capability is determined, then the key features that the user will actually work with are designed. These tests verify what the user knows before, during, and at the end of the CBT. Computer -Based Training Methods Computer-based training, also known as CB is any instructional course whose primary means of delivery is a computer.

15 million members; 118 million publications; 700k research projects. View Computer-Based Learning Research Papers on Academia. Further research should be conducted on the effect of computer-based. Accordi ng to a report by Duggan and Barich (2001 the need for employees with.

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Hands on Methods Hands on methods of traditional training include games and simulations as well as role playing. As a result, they may think that the company is unconcerned and not personable (Lawson, 1999). A needs assessment may not be done before the lectures, so no one knows what the learners need and dont need. The price factor is especially good for using the programs in large groups. There are a series of "instructional strategies" created for the CBT learning environment, take place, and will be discussed,before the CBTs are actually used (Morrison; ODell, Ross, 1995). While both types of training teach the same thing, everyone learns differently and trainees must decide whether traditional or computer-based training methods work best for them. Discussion The goal of the discussion method of training is to get students to talk about the contents of the training material. The cost is cut in the time, trainer, materials, and overtime categories. Lastly, other expert personal in the fields journals, and other literature can be used as resources to analyze the job for the CBT.

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