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Essay about travel experience

essay about travel experience

all the people love. It also calls for two distinct levels of information that might be summed up as background and foreground. I had intruded in my own essay. But what is more satisfying than a literate ramble around a beautiful city or a seemingly empty beach with a lively, articulate mind? Your essay should give your reader an inside perspective that is real, reflective and accurate. In Alone in Amsterdam, I began with an imaginary dialogue between myself and the Dutch Masters in Rembrandts iconic painting The Drapers Guild. I regularly hastened, and because of that, I ran out of energy long before we got to the top; David, on the other hand was more well-paced. In the end, my essay turned out to be about the many dimensions of aloneness, including my own, that had been lived on those streets. Paul Fussell hits the nail on the head with this observation.

essay about travel experience

What we must know early on is that a voyage of discovery awaits, as soon as we turn the page. "My first trip.". I enjoy watching them in my hometown and as soon as I am in some new city, I start looking for such spots right away. Gill refers to this as seeking the key, an image that unlocks everything else. As the writer, your task is to use your imagination to omit and compress, as Alain de Botton describes it, in order to steer your reader to critical moments and, I would add, unforgettable images. The next day we returnedmy legs started to hurt so bad that I could hardly walk. At such moments I think about how our life is excellent, what beauty it offers us and how important it is to value each moment of our lives.

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Remember, your goal is to come full circle, so always take time to check and see if your last few paragraphs relate to the beginning. Use the toolbox of fiction to bring it all to life. You might, for example, shift from the description of a winter landscape to a wounded bird on your windowsill and the dilemma of how to help this tiny animal, or from a perfect day in a lively city to the realization that your wallet has. But how many of them can say even few words about the history of those places? As for me, I have always enjoyed watching all-round views from some altitudes. For others it is interesting to observe the way people of other cultures and mentality live. Dont intrude in your own essay. But dont turn your travel essay into a diary. All my demands of novelty were satisfied by the Discovery and National Geographic channels, and I seriously thought there was no difference between seeing something on the TV or with ones own eyes.