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Visit to another planet essay

visit to another planet essay

understanding other cultures and a great opportunity to learn more about the world in which we live. Average daily temperatures rarely exceed -80F. Kreton thought that the people on Earth loved violence, because he saw them practicing it so much. Since this is a temperate climate of 72 degrees (Culler, 2011 there will be little impact on energy use for air conditioning.

But even more valuable thing for the traveler is a knowledge that he gets, going among the people of different characters and different ways of life. The orbit of the planet to its star is similar to earths at 290 days (Culler, 2011). The reason for this number of people is to ensure enough man power to build the community and keep it operationally sound once it is finished. The sewage system will consist of a separate laying of pipework infrastructure going to a sewage treatment plant that will also recycle the water, treat it, and send reclaimed water out to water the crops.

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This data gave nasa scientists quite a wealth of data and understanding of Mars, and lead many to essay on peace for kids believe that the success of the mission is a great first step in the future colonization of the planet. Here I am with my trip to mars imaginary through. The political structure will be set up and in place on earth before we ever leave so that it will be in place when we arrive on the new planet. They will be the same as on earth with one exception. Everyone will have a job to do that they are solely responsible for and each job depends on the next person and what job they are responsible for and so forth. Traveling is recreation and new knowledge that help us to rethink our lives, to accept the inevitable or to find a way to change things, having known the other peoples lives in comparison with our own. These Mars land rovers, named Spirit and Opportunity (names chosen from a writing contest with students sponsored by nasa landed on January 4th, 2004.

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