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Same sex marriage legalization essay

same sex marriage legalization essay

a long way since the first state legalized same-sex marriage; however; we still have a long ways to go (SV; conj. Some see homosexuality as sinful and disgusting, while other knows that it is just another way of living. Besides, they have the right to make critical medical decisions for their spouse if their partner becomes incapacitated. However, a child doesnt always need both a mother and father figure. tags: gender equality, lbgt rights Powerful Essays 1540 words (4.4 pages) Preview - Todays society argues widely the correctness of same-sex marriage. tags: controversial gay marriage. The map below shows the current status of homosexuality in the world. As civil unions are not nationally recognized, gay couples will not be able to confer this immigration and residency benefits. Once the Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero became the leader of the nations socialist party he immediately began the campaign for this world wide issue. Many couples are desired to get married not only for the recognition of relationship from the society, but also the ultimate expression discrimination against black essay of love towards each other.

3 Reasons for Gay Marriage.1 Human rights and freedom.1.1 Violation of human rights, according to the United Nation of Human rights, human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin and religious view etc. According to the website ProCon. On the other hand, some argue that homosexual marriage may cause disorder to raise a child and disrupt the natural biological procreation of mankind. The lgbt community battles for their right to marry without being denied by the government. A main provision in marriage is having children and forming a family. (Robinson, 2008) On top of that, children will have a greater chance to be discriminated and bullied by other classmates, and this could have a negative effect on their development. Yet a particularly unfair form is sexual discrimination which a same sex couple is not able to be married like a heterosexual couple.

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