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Boxing day tsunami 2004 essay

boxing day tsunami 2004 essay

the aftermath. The wave travelled quickly under the ocean, building to a wall of water up to 10 metres high when it reached the shallow coastal waters and causing massive destruction when it hit land. Up to five million people were affected by the tsunami. The death toll. This photograph taken by tourist Eric Skitzi shows a tsunami wave hitting the beach of Batu Ferringhi on Penang island, Malaysia. As can be seen, the Boxing Day tsunami achieved many cities across the world, devastating native vegetation and cities near the coast. In the first days, weeks and months following the disaster Australia's efforts were focused on providing necessities such as food, clean water and shelter, and the resources needed to treat victims, stop the spread of disease, clear debris from roads and restore essential services. The earth also vibrates for.4 inches or 1 cm due to this earthquake. Sumatra, Indonesia, and in particular, the Provincial capital, Banda Aceh.

boxing day tsunami 2004 essay

Deaths and damage caused by the Boxing Day Tsunami on December 26, 2004.
Despite there being many hours between the earthquake and the impact of the.
Boxing Day Tsunami Essay.The 2004 South Asia Tsunami Introduction 26th of December 2004 saw one of the deadliest natural disasters in history; a tsunami killing more than 270,000 people in fourteen countries across two continents (The Bolton Council of Mosques ).
Boxing Day tsunami : How 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake became the deadliest in history.
Indian Ocean 2004 tsunami : Incredible then and now photos from December 26 disaster.

It has been 10 years since the Indian Ocean tsunami and earthquake devastated parts of Indonesia Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. My husband Tom noticed the waiters were all pointing at the sea, which was receding rapidly. One of the most severely affected areas was that closest to the epicentre, the province of Aceh. Followed by Sri Lanka (35,000 people India (18,000 and Thailand (8,000) (Figure 1). "Some people in Sumatra who would have felt the earthquake may have reacted to it, but that wave travelled a long way and hit countries which didn't feel the earthquake. The houses and other buildings are poorly built meaning they are easily damaged and destroyed also they are poorly educated in these area meaning they have no clue when it comes to what.

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