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Nadia alaily matar thesis statement

nadia alaily matar thesis statement

well-written essay with a topic sentence, restating the argument and the authors position. Because of the intimate connection between race, power, and sports in America, it makes sense that some of the most important sports-related political protests have also been protests related to racial and social justice. Kaepernick donated around a million dollars to the cause, in addition to sacrificing years of lost income due to being benched from the NFL (Rosenberg, 2017). If the essay has been well written and organised, the arguments have been proved and, together, they prove your thesis. Understandably, the national anthem has sentimental value for many Americans.

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You only have to show that, note the progress that has been made in the research of the examined subject, mention its possible implications. Black Lives Matter was organized through social media in part to protest police brutality against people of color. The most notable early example of a protest against racism in America using sports and the national anthem was with Olympians John Carlos and Tommie Smith. Many police departments also have policies related to officers having to wear body cameras. LeBron, Kobe, and other former Heat players continue to protest current examples of racial injustice, just as Kaepernick does. In the body ofthe essay, avoid lengthy citation, use paraphrasing saying with yourown words what other guy said before. In the introduction, you should clearly state the subject you are going to deal with, the narrowed topic, if any, and the position you are going to take. Protests are nothing new in sports. What does it mean to be American?

nadia alaily matar thesis statement